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Conductive Thread, Conductive Yarn, for Clothing, Gloves, Touch Screen, DYI

Conductive Thread, Conductive Yarn, for Clothing, Gloves, Touch Screen, DYI

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Article description:

Senior thread made of stainless steel fiber

You can use it in a creative way to connect different electronics to your clothes.

This conductive threads stand out from many other similar products, since it is actually spun from stainless steel fibers. It does not consist of plated silver and also has no nylon core. This means that it is not easy to solder because it is rust -free, but it doesn't burn if you touch it with a soldering iron.

He is also a bit "hairy" and can be a little more difficult to process in tight, fine conditions. Here it is recommended to grow the thread for sewing handles, which makes it easier to use when sewing.

Gloves and smartphones - that is not compatible? - Incorrect!

With a conductive thread you can still operate your smartphone.

Whether in summer or winter. There are many reasons to wear gloves.

Do you want to operate your smartphone as a motorcyclist without taking off your gloves?

Do you want to operate your smartphone in the cold season without taking off your gloves?

In winter vacation on the snow slopes quickly enter a message without taking off your gloves?

Take a photo without taking off your gloves?

Many current smartphones are not designed for glove operation. Gloves and touch screen, that is not necessarily compatible. The operation is based on measuring the surface tension. A little electricity has to flow and the material must be conductive. Unfortunately, wool, cotton and fibers are not conductive. The touchscreens do not react.

But here is exactly the right solution for you!

A conductive thread. With that you make your gloves with touchscreen-compatible


You only need a needle and thread that leads electricity. In this way, the non-conductive glove fabric can be bridged.

First you have to put on your glove and mark the point where your finger with which you want to use the touchscreen, touch the inside of the glove finger tip. It is important that there is a connection between the finger and the seam, the tops are not transmitted from the finger.

At the marked area, a small star, a square of lines or a circle with many small circles sews. Just as you want. Then close the thread on the inside. You repeat this with all glove fingers that are to be made conductive. That's it. Now your smartphone or tablet can also be operated with a glove.

more details

Special thread for sewing in clothing

Conductivity by thread made of stainless steel

The conductive thread is washable

The conductivity is not affected by moisture

Almost as soft as an ordinary thread

Doesn't scratch the display surface

Easy to process

Technical data:

Made from 100% stainless steel fibers

Resistance: 28 Ohm/FT

Further information:


Brand newimmediately available

Long variants:


2m4m6m8m10mFurther lengths on request
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