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NEO NAS-TH02W WiFi 3 in 1 Brightness Temperature Humidity Sensor LCD Tuya

NEO NAS-TH02W WiFi 3 in 1 Brightness Temperature Humidity Sensor LCD Tuya

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Article description:

WiFi brightness, temperature, and humidity sensor with display

The NEO NAS-TH02W sensor precisely monitors temperature, humidity, and light intensity. Remote control via an app and integration into a smart home system enhance your comfort. Compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Tuya Smart enables household task automation, making your life more comfortable, safer, and cost-effective.

Precise measurements for a healthy environment: The device monitors ambient conditions in real-time, recording temperatures from -10°C to 60°C and humidity from 0% to 100%, ensuring optimal indoor climate. You can switch the unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Additionally, a light intensity sensor adjusts lighting to outdoor conditions, boosting energy efficiency and comfort. The range spans from 0 to 157,000 Lux.

Complete control and system integration: Integration with the Tuya or Smart Life app allows you to create scenarios and connect with other smart devices like alarm sirens, LED bulbs, sockets, and dimmers, shaping your smart home. Utilizing Zigbee Gateway technology expands system capabilities and facilitates connection to multiple Zigbee devices.

Easy installation and usage: You can successfully mount the sensor on the wall or place it on any flat surface. The LED display shows the device's operation, reliably functioning both day and night. Simple configuration with the Tuya Smart app facilitates usage. Furthermore, the device's easily readable display provides real-time information on temperature, humidity, and light levels.

Innovative technology and reliability: Power the device with 2 AA batteries. The 2.4GHz wireless connection ensures reliable connectivity and an operational range of up to 40 meters, allowing convenient placement in various household areas.

Cost optimization and security enhancement: Using the NEO NAS-TH02W sensor enables efficient management of lighting and air conditioning, potentially reducing costs. Incoming notifications regarding environmental changes enhance your safety, and remote control capability offers peace of mind anytime, anywhere.

Technical data:

Manufacturer: NEO

Model: NAS-TH02W

Dimensions: 84 mm x 55 mm x 32 mm

Power Supply: 2x AA battery (not included)

Wireless Connectivity: 2.4GHz

Network Protocol: IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to 60°C

Operating Humidity Range: 0% to 100%

Light Intensity Detection Range: 0 to 157,000 Lux

Storage Temperature: -10°C to 60°C

Storage Humidity: 0% to 90%

Range: Up to 40 meters

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