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Shelly Plus 1 Mini Gen3 8A DC-AC ESP32 flush-mounted WiFi switch relay Tasmota 13

Shelly Plus 1 Mini Gen3 8A DC-AC ESP32 flush-mounted WiFi switch relay Tasmota 13

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Article description:

Flush-mounted Smart WiFi relay

Already flashed with the latest Tasmota firmware.

Shelly PLUS 1 Mini Gen3 is one of the smallest, open source, WiFi-equipped device to smart control circuits. Due to its small size you can built it in behind a power socket / light switch just like a standard light switch.

Shelly Plus Mini Gen3 product line is the compact, mini size version of the Shelly Plus series, offering the same smart feature set but with reduced size and smaller max. output.

Plus line devices’ small dimensions allow you to easily fit them behind any wall switch or wall socket, and are fully retrofit. Each Plus Mini Gen3 devices come with a wiring diagram printed on its shell to ensure safe and easy installation.

The smallest relay switch in the world for smart control. Automate your lights, irrigation system, or other small electrical appliances in less than 10 minutes and control them from anywhere. Small enough to fit behind any wall switch or socket, Shelly PLUS 1 Mini Gen3 can be retrofitted and is highly compatible with your existing smart ecosystem.​


  • No hub required!



  • Easy control through the Shelly Smart Control app, most platforms and protocols, as well as voice assistants.



  • Use it with Alexa, Home Assistant, or your preferred automation platform.



  • Supports up to 8 A at 240 VAC and 5 A at 30 VDCDry contacts (potential-free)​ - option for contactor control



  • Wi-Fi range extender and Bluetooth gateway.



  • Extremely fast processor for immediate response - ESP32.



  • Supports scripting, webhooks, MQTT, WebSocket, HTTPS, UDP, TLS, and custom certificates.


Designed with convenience in mind, these mini relays have all the capabilities of the Plus series fit into a compact and space-saving form factor. With their size reduced by 35% of the Shelly Plus devices, the Shelly Plus Mini are perfect for those tight spaces where traditional relays simply won't fit. Despite their small size, the Shelly Plus Mini devices don't compromise on performance or functionality.

Size does matter! - Shelly Plus Mini devices open up a world of possibilities, allowing you to seamlessly integrate them into even the most tightly packed spaces and switch boxes. Thanks to their reduced size, Shelly Plus Mini relays fit effortlessly into all kinds of electrical boxes, including Danish wall boxes. Furthermore, they can be discreetly installed directly within the appliance you want to control or monitor.

Technical data:


Brand: Shelly

Color: blue, with printed drawing

Electricity properties

2-way or 3-way switching: yes

Smart Home Protocols

Bluetooth: Bluetooth pairing with the phone. Also, Bluetooth remote controllers can be paired with it for remote control. Additionally, Bluetooth hub features make it possible to control other non-Bluetooth Shelly devices.

Remote Control, Smart Control

Controllable from the internet: Yes

Cloud mode: Yes, Shelly devices can connect to the factory cloud (optional setting).


CPU: ESP-Shelly-C38F

Flash: 8 MB

More Features

Device Power Supply: AC (110V-) (Live and Neutral)

Device Power Supply: 110V-240V AC

Embedded relay: yes

External switch supported: yes

History: yes: on/off history in the app (the last 50 event for every Shelly account)

Manufacturer Smartphone App: Yes, a free app (Shelly Cloud) is available for iOS and Android.

Max. power consumption: 0,3W

Momentary switching (inching): yes, auto on and auto off settings available

MQTT Support: Yes

Notification Functions: Send an email, receive notifications in the Shelly app.

Number of gangs / circuits: 1

Overheat protection: yes

Physical on/off button on device: yes

Product Type: smart WiFi relay, even for dry contact

Rated current (output): 8A (AC), 5A (DC)

Rated voltage (output): dry contact, max 30V DC, max. 250V AC

Remote Control Options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

REST API support: yes

Schedulers, timers: yes, (after synchronizing clock on the internet) limited number of timings operate in offline mode, any further timing can be run from the cloud in online mode

Supported Integrations: Compatible with Amazon Echo, Google Home, HomeSeer, openHAB, Home Assistant, ioBroker, Hubitat, Hoobs, Symcan, Domoticz, nymea, SmartThings (Beta), and REST API.

Voice Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Web Admin Interface: Yes, with nearly the same functionality as the app.

Wi-Fi: Yes

Wi-Fi Standards: 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz)

Wiring: 230V AC (Live and Neutral)

Dimensions: 2.9 × 3.5 × 1.6 cm

Further information:


Brand new immediately available With Tasmota firmware

Model variants:

Tasmota German Tasmota English Tasmota Individual Language (Send us a Message) Shelly Original (No Tasmota)
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