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SmartWise B3LNW-ZB3 Zigbee 3.0 3-Way Smart Wall Switch Physical Push Button

SmartWise B3LNW-ZB3 Zigbee 3.0 3-Way Smart Wall Switch Physical Push Button

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Article description:

ZigBee 3.0 smart physical wall switch

SmartWise B3-LN-ZB is a intelligent light switch based on the ZigBee 3.0 Smart Home Protocol with physical buttons. It is a 3-button switch for switching three independent groups. This type requires wiring with a phase/power line and a zero line.

If you are looking for an intelligent switch that offers the comfort of the blind switching, in which you can feel the switch yourself without having to watch it, but as with other intelligent switches you can control it from a distance, plan and Automate, this product is the right choice for you.

As a ZigBee 3.0 device, it is also compatible with the Sonoff ZigBee Bridge and the SmartWise ZigBee Bridge, both of which support the Ewelink platform, as well as with ZigBee hubs that are compatible with Tuya / Smartlife and the SmartThings app.

The latest SmartWise product family uses the popular ZigBee Smart Home protocol for network communication, not WiFi. Therefore, a ZigBee gateway is required for intelligent control. In connection with the Sonoff ZigBee Bridge or the SmartWise ZigBee Bridge Pro, it is compatible with the Ewelink app. Otherwise, a coupling with each other ZigBee Bridge is of course also possible.

Of course you can use the wall switch to switch on or off the lamp, as we would do with a conventional switch. But it is also a good solution for the ZigBee-based intelligent control of lamps to control your lamps from afar, set up automation and plan it on and off. It can also be used as a security solution to simulate the presence, i. H. To let the outside world believe that you are at home.

The insert/off status is also displayed by a small white/green LED on the switch, so that you also have feedback via the switch/off status of the switch if it is installed outside the room. This allows you to easily find the switch in the dark with the help of the small LED.

Physical button- a small white LED on the switch shows the out and green LED light on the one status

Size according to EU standard-86x86mm front of the switch, which corresponds to the size of the front according to EU standard

ZigBee 3.0 switch - compatible with Sonoff and SmartWise ZigBee Bridges, Tuya and Smartlife many other compatible ZigBee gateways and smartthings hub. It can be connected to the ZigBee hub's own smartphone app. In the event of a connection to an Ewelink ZigBee hub, the Ewelink app can be coupled.

Status query - The mobile app shows the current status of the switch (on or off)

Remote control on / off- no matter where you are right, you can now switch the switch on or off from afar from a distance via the mobile app via the Internet

Timing: Depending on the skills of your ZigBee gateways, various timing functions are available.

Switching on (auto-off) and the locking mode (for switches with several courses) are not available if Ewelink-compatible (Sonoff or SmartWise) ZigBee-Bridges are used.

Additional functions such as approval, groups/rooms, automation (smart scene control) depend on the skills of the connected ZigBee Bridge.

Important: This intelligent switch needs both a current wire (phase) and a zero -conductor to work!

Technical data:

Model: B3LNW-ZB

Swirkable channels: 2

Tigbee type: 3.0

Size: 86 x 86 x 35 mm

Weight: 118g

Color white

Input voltage: 100V ~ 240V AC (50/60Hz)

Max. Input current: 2A/channel, max. 6a total

Physical on/from button: Yes

Switch/switch relay: yes

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