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Sonoff SNZB-01 ZIGBEE Mini Smart Wireless Switch - Switch - Push Button - ZBBRIDGE

Sonoff SNZB-01 ZIGBEE Mini Smart Wireless Switch - Switch - Push Button - ZBBRIDGE

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Article description:

ZigBee Smart Switch

Controls devices from every corner of your house

Set an intelligent scene so that it can communicate with Wi-Fi devices

Two-way control of the light.

The Smart Switch has a total of three key functions: press once, press twice or hold it long

Adjust key actions in the app

Pairing of all your devices with a single key pressure

Support for the addition of the Sonoff camera to monitor the status of the connected devices

Notification with low battery status

A tens of bridge is required for use. For example, Sonoff Zbbridge, various ZigBee USB sticks, Alexa Echo with ZigBee from Gen.4, Uva.

The matching Sonoff Zbbridge is available in the shop as a Tasmota version. This means that your data is also completely protected by the bridge.

Tasmota - cloud -free, fast & safe

Not compatible with Philips Hue Bridge, since Philips uses his own ZigBee protocol that does not allow any foreign devices

Technical data:

Manufacturer no.: 6920075776096

Model: SNZB-01

Battery: 3V (CR2450) Not included

Battery life: 1 year

Wireless protocol: ZigBee / Iee 802.15.4

Security protocols: WPA/WPA2/AES-128

Dimensions: 43x43x16mm

Work temperature: -10 ° C - 40 ° C

Job moisture: 10% - 95%

Weight: 27g

Material: PC V0

Further information:


Brand newimmediately availableincluding 3m adhesive tape
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