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Unitec EIM-213 Wireless smoke detector 433MHZ 85db Sonoff RF Bridge

Unitec EIM-213 Wireless smoke detector 433MHZ 85db Sonoff RF Bridge

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Article description:

Wireless smoke detector

Wireless Interconnection of Multiple Smoke Alarms - With the wireless function of the smoke alarm, you can connect up to 15 detectors of the same series wirelessly. If one of the interconnected smoke alarms triggers, it alerts the entire network. This ensures that all occupants in the house are alerted, even across multiple floors and greater distances. The wireless range is 20 meters, allowing you to flexibly install your detectors.

Convenient Silence Function When Cooking - The smoke alarm emits an 85 dB alarm in case of smoke detection. However, if the smoke alarm has detected smoke and entered alarm mode, you can silence the alarm for approximately 10 minutes by pressing the test button. This is particularly convenient when the alarm is accidentally triggered during cooking. For example, you can finish cooking your burgers in peace without being accompanied by a continuous alarm tone. Afterward, the alarm returns to normal operation mode.

Manual and Automatic Test Function for Your Personal Safety - Every 30 - 40 seconds, the smoke alarm performs an automatic function test. You can recognize this by the flashing LED light. However, you can also manually test its function at any time using the test function. We recommend testing the smoke alarm manually at least once every 3 months.

Acoustic and Visual Indication When Battery Needs Replacement - The smoke alarm takes care of checking the battery for you. Once the battery is depleted, the alarm announces this with a recurring beep. Two AA batteries are included in the package for immediate use after purchase.

Compatible with the optionally available Sonoff RF BridgeR2 with Tasmota:: With the help of the Sonoff RF BridgeR2, you can easily integrate your smoke detectors into your smart home system, making them intelligent. The RF Bridge is capable of detecting RF codes when an alarm is triggered and forwarding them via MQTT. Through this integration, you can seamlessly incorporate your smoke detectors into your smart home setup and reap the benefits of a connected system.

The functionality of the smoke detectors with the Sonoff RF BridgeR2 with Tasmota: The smoke detectors emit an alarm signal in the event of smoke detection. Each smoke detector has an individual code that can be received by the Sonoff RF Bridge and processed further via MQTT.

Receiving the smoke detector codes with the Sonoff RF BridgeR2 with Tasmota:: To obtain the code of a smoke detector in the Sonoff RF Bridge, simply press the test button on the smoke detector for 5 seconds to simulate an alarm. This will make the code visible in the WebGui of the RF Bridge. Once you have obtained the code of the respective smoke detector, you can process it as needed via MQTT. (Note: The smoke detectors only transmit a code during an alarm, not during low battery status.)

The corresponding Sonoff RF BridgeR2, available in the shop as a Tasmota variant, ensures that your data is fully protected through the bridge.


Triggers an alarm of >85 dB in case of smoke detection

Interconnection of up to 15 alarms possible

Wireless range > 20 meters

Convenient silence function

LED function indicator to ensure functionality

Acoustic and visual indication when battery replacement is necessary

Manual test function for your personal safety

Two AA batteries included in the package

Supplied with dowels, screws, and user manual

Help to attach your smoke detector can be found in the supplied instruction manual. If you want to avoid drilling and dowling in the ceiling, you can immediately order the magnetic assembly set.

Technical data Wireless smoke detector:

Brand: Unitec EIM-213

Removal of the radio connection:> 20 m

Radio networking: 433.92MHz

Networkable: yes (radio)

Operating principle: optical

Current voltage: 3 volts

Battery included: Yes (2x 1.5V DC AA alkaline)

Warning display with low battery voltage: Yes

Alarm Volume dB): 85

Test switch: Yes

Protection class (IP): IP20

Operating temperature (° C): +4 ° C to +38 ° C

Diameter: 120x35.5 mm

Assembly: wireless

Mute switch: Yes / silent switch time about 10 minutes

Scope of delivery: Radio Smoke Detector, assembly accessories, batteries, instructions for use

Technical data assembly set:

Magnetic assembly pads

56mm diameter

High quality 3M glue pad

1 min. Fast installation without drilling

Further information:


Brand new immediately available

Set variants:

10x Wireless smoke detector with adhesive pads 10x wireless smoke detectors 5x wireless smoke detectors with adhesive pads 5x wireless smoke detectors 3x wireless smoke detectors with adhesive pads 3x wireless smoke detector 1x wireless smoke detector with adhesive pads 1x wireless smoke detector

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