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Water Sensor for Sonoff Bridge - Water leakage - RF - RADIO - 433MHz

Water Sensor for Sonoff Bridge - Water leakage - RF - RADIO - 433MHz

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Article description:

433MHz Funk RF water sensor

The water level sensor can be coupled with the Sonoff RF Bridge. When contacting the water in the way, the red LED lights up and an alarm level notification is sent to the bridge.

If the sensor is only immersed in the water and not taken out, the red LED lights up, but there is no RF warning message. The radio message is therefore only carried out for rippling water, which touches the sensor and releases itself again.

The 433MHz sensor has a range of up to 200m (outdoors).

Excellent design, tiny and fashionable. Low battering consumption ensures a long term.

Ideal protection for houses, apartments (kitchen, toilet), warehouses, offices, laboratory, hotel room, garages, etc.

A 433MHz bridge is required to use the water sensor.

The matching Sonoff RF Bridge is available in the shop as a Tasmota version. This means that your data is also completely protected by the bridge.

Tasmota - cloud -free, fast & safe

Technical data:

Model: water sensor

Work temperature: -10 ° C- 60 ° C

Job moisture: & LE; 80%

Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz

Protocol: EV1527

Purchase current: & le; 5μa

Emission current: & le; 5μa

Alarm power: & Le; 10μa

Size: 78 x 37 x 20 mm

Weight: 38g

Battery: 12V 23A (not included)

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