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1-8x NEO NAS-WR10BH ZigBee Smart Plug Socket Power Consumption Measurement Homekit

1-8x NEO NAS-WR10BH ZigBee Smart Plug Socket Power Consumption Measurement Homekit

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Article description:

ZigBee 3.0 Smart Switch with power consumption measurement

Obtain the ability to control your devices, plan your use and monitor your energy consumption. The NEO NAS-WR10BH Smart socket enables you to control connected devices via the Tuya / Smart Life app, Apple Homekit or via other smart home systems. Alternatively, you can also use them by voice command. The product is very user-friendly and equipped with LED backlight. It supports the ZigBee 3.0 Communication protocol.

still more convenient device services: Do you sometimes forget to switch off some devices? With Neo you no longer have to worry about it! The socket enables you to control your connected devices via an app. So you can switch on or off a lamp, the television or the sandwich maker on your cell phone with just a few clicks! It is also a good idea to share your devices with the rest of the household so that you too can control them remotely.

voice control: Do you cook and want to start the microwave quickly? Or do you sit on the sofa and want to switch on the TV to see your favorite series? No problem - the socket is compatible with the voice assistant Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This enables you to control them with simple commands! In just a few words, for example, you can switch off the lights or start the coffee machine.

lower your electricity bill: your electricity invoices feel a little too high? The neo socket helps you to reduce it! The product enables you to monitor your energy consumption in real time - just look at the app. Find out which devices consume the most electricity and consider how you can reduce this. Eliminate bad habits, start to save and pay lower bills!

Many additional options: The socket is compatible with the Tuya / Smart Life app, which not only enables you to control it remotely, but also to use the timer function, for example. You can also add them to many smart home systems, to the Apple Homekit platform or smartthings with a ZigBee adapter. I have all your devices in one place and manage them comfortably - without having to switch between different windows.

first intelligent scenes: adapt the operation of the devices in your home to your lifestyle. Simply connect your socket with other intelligent devices and sensors (ZigBee or Wi-Fi) and automate your operation! In this way, for example, you can start the coffee machine when you get out of bed and turn on the hall light when you come home from work.

even more convenience: The socket is very easy to use and can easily control most common devices such as lamps, TVs, fans, washing machines, refrigerators and even microwaves. It is also able to save the last settings and to automatically restore when there is a power failure. It also offers special child lock so that you can safely use it in a place with children.

A ZigBee-capable bridge or a hub is required for the operation, for example the Sonoff Zbbridge, the Home Assistant Skyconnect, various ZigBee USB sticks, an Alexa Echo from the 4th generation and other similar devices.

The matching Sonoff ZBBridge is also available in the shop as a variant with the Tasmota version. This ensures that your data is fully protected from external access through the bridge.

Tasmota - cloudfree, fast & secure

Not compatible with Philips Hue Bridge, since Philips uses his own ZigBee protocol that does not allow any foreign devices

Technical data:

Brand: Neo

Model: NAS-WR10BH

Color white

Input voltage: AC 85-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Maximum current: 16 a

Standby power consumption: 0.5 W

Operating temperature: 0 ° C to 40 ° C

Operating moisture: 20% to 85%

Frequency: 2.4 GHz

Wireless communication protocol: ZigBee 3.0, IEEE 802.15.4

Reach: up to 55 m

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 85 mm

Application: Tuya / SmartLife

Compatibility: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homekit, Smartthings, Smart Home Systems

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