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4X Nous A1Z 16A 3680W consumption metering ZigBee 3.0 Smart Socket - Alexa - Google

4X Nous A1Z 16A 3680W consumption metering ZigBee 3.0 Smart Socket - Alexa - Google

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Article description:

ZigBee 3.0 Smart Switch with power consumption measurement

Function to monitor electricity consumption - Nous A1Z Smart Socket has extensive electricity management options. In the Nous Smart Home app you can see the current voltage, the current and power consumption as well as the overall output. You can also see the consumer protocol for every month and day.

The nous a1z smart socket can be controlled not only via the app, but also with your voice. Connect the Nous Smart Home App to the аmazon аlexа or Google Home and leave the new technology for you. Tax all of your devices freehand.

Modern technologies work for your comfort, so that thanks to the socket nous a1z, a pleasant climate and comfort will be in your house. Switch on the heating in winter and the air conditioning in summer, let the humidifier run and heat the water for the bathroom. And all of this with just a few touches in the app on your smartphone on the way home!

Safety - With the intelligent socket nous a1z you can control the switch on and off manually or in automatic mode. Don't worry that you forget to switch off something. All devices can be switched on and off in a timely manner by setting up a timer or schedule. You can also manually switch off any device from any place in the world so that your home and your trip are safe.

Home comfort under control of the technology - with the intelligent socket nous a1z you can create schedules for connected electronic devices based on your daily routines. The switching on and off of the devices at the planned time can also save energy and time. Wache with hot coffee or stipulate that the intelligent socket switches on your humidifier. A lot of comfort for you and your family.

The housing is compact and does not affect access to double sockets or socket strips.

A tens of bridge is required for use. For example, Sonoff Zbbridge, various ZigBee USB sticks, Alexa Echo with ZigBee from Gen.4, Uva.

The matching Sonoff Zbbridge is available in the shop as a Tasmota version. This means that your data is also completely protected by the bridge.

Tasmota - cloud -free, fast & safe

Technical data:

Model: A1Z

Tigbee type: WiFi IEEE 802.15.4/WiFi, 802.11bgn

Protocol: ZigBee 3.0

Compatibility: ZigBee Gateway required

Control via app: nous smart home

Special features: energy monitoring

Size: approx. 46 x 46 x 72 mm

Weight: 60g

Working temperature: 0 ° C - 40 ° C

Input voltage: 110-230V 50/60Hz

Max. Input current: 16A

Max. Power: 3680W

Electricity consumption in standby mode: 0.5W

Pinper type: EU Type F

Protection class: IP20

Material: PC/ABS (V0)

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