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4X Nous A8T 10A WiFi Matter Smart Socket Electricity meter Tasmota - opt. calibrated

4X Nous A8T 10A WiFi Matter Smart Socket Electricity meter Tasmota - opt. calibrated

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Article description:

WiFi Smart Switch with power consumption measurement

Already flashed from the factory with English Tasmota.

The Tasmota English Preinstalled variant has already pre -flashed with the English Tasmota 13. The power consumption measurement still has to be calibrated.

The variants of German updated, English updated or individual language updated are updated to the latest Tasmota firmware. Here, too, the power consumption measurement must be calibrated.

The variants of German updated & calibrated, English updated & calibrated or individual language updated & calibrated are already updated and calibrated to the latest Tasmota firmware.

REVOLUTIONARY SMART HOME EXPERIENCE: Experience a revolutionary smart home experience with the NOUS A8T Smart Socket, effortlessly communicating with Alexa, Google Home, and Siri via HomeKit and MATTER integration. Thanks to the advanced ESP32-MINI-1U module and Tasmota software, this smart socket offers outstanding adaptability and control over your household appliances directly from your smartphone or through simple voice commands.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY TO THE NEXT LEVEL: Take energy efficiency to the next level: The NOUS A8T features a built-in power meter and digital timer, allowing not only real-time energy consumption monitoring but also automatic switching times for your devices. This promotes more conscious energy use and contributes to reducing your electricity bill while making a positive impact on the environment.

MAXIMUM COMPATIBILITY AND CONNECTIVITY: Maximum compatibility and connectivity are guaranteed: The NOUS A8T Wi-Fi socket forms the heart of your smart home system and seamlessly integrates with the most popular smart home platforms and voice assistants. With support for MATTER, the latest standard in smart home technology, you enjoy unparalleled compatibility and flexibility in connecting your devices.

ADVANCED FEATURES FOR AN INTELLIGENT HOME: Harness advanced features for a smart home: In addition to its core functionality as an intelligent socket with energy consumption measurement and timer, the A8T has opened up MQTT integration, providing further possibilities for custom automations and seamless integration into existing smart home systems.

UNMATCHED VOICE CONTROL: Enjoy unmatched voice control: The NOUS A8T socket redefines convenience by offering comprehensive compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri. Control your household appliances with simple voice commands, whether it's dimming the lights, turning devices on and off, or monitoring energy consumption. The A8T combines smart home automation and energy efficiency in one device that seamlessly fits into your life.

Technical data:


Brand: Nous

Material: PC V0 fire retardant

Special Features: ESP32-MINI-1U module

Memory: 4 MB Flash

Firmware: Pre-installed Tasmota

Power Consumption Monitoring: Yes

Chipset Temperature Sensor: Yes

MATTER Support: Yes

MQTT Support: Yes

HTTP Support: Yes


Device Dimensions: 45x45x73mm

Device Weight: 62g

Maximum Load: 2300W

Operating Voltage Range: 100-240V

Moisture Protection Level: IP20

Operating Temperature: 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F)

Rated Current: 10A

Standby Power Consumption: 0.7-1.3W


Communication Standard: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n

Protocol: MQTT, Matter

Type of Wireless Transmission: 2.4 GHz

Smartphone Control: Web Interface, Home Assistant, with Matter connection: Google Home, Alexa, Apple HomeKit, etc.

Compatibility with Voice Assistants: Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri after connection with Home Assistant or with Matter connection

Frequency Range: 2412 - 2484 MHz

Max. Transmit Power: 19.5 dBm

Further information:


Brand new immediately available With Tasmota firmware

Model variants:

Tasmota English Preinstalled Tasmota updated German Tasmota updated & calibrated Tasmota English updated Tasmota English updated & Calibrated Tasmota individual language updated Tasmota Individual Language updated & Calibrated


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