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BQ05 WiFi Smart Garden Faucet Irrigation Valve Tasmota

BQ05 WiFi Smart Garden Faucet Irrigation Valve Tasmota

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Article description:

WiFi Smart Garden irrigation valve

Already flashed with the latest Tasmota firmware.

BQ05 is an intelligent irrigation valve with a relay on/off and a WiFi chip that is compatible with the Ewelink app or is flashed with Tasmota firmware on request.

Install it on a tap in 30 seconds and set schedules for irrigation of your garden, lawn, vegetables, etc.

The intelligent valve can be connected directly to a tap in the garden. BQ05 has a built -in filter to keep the valve of dirt clean.

It can not only be used for irrigation of gardens and farms, roof gardens, lawns, flower gardens and vegetables, but also for irrigation of greenhouses.

It has a strong built-in WiFi chip so that you can pair it directly with your WiFi router and no central hub is required to operate it.

You can create time -based automation for every day of the week to irrigate your plants. Just like other sonoff and smartwise devices, it also supports the loop control, so that you can, for example, set 5 minutes of irrigation every 5 hours if you want it. Up to 8 schedules are saved in the device, so that the planned inputs and switching are carried out regardless of whether the device is online or the internet connection has been interrupted.

The robust, waterproof ABS plastic housing is weather-resistant and suitable for long-term use.

The irrigation valve is closed in the event of a power failure, so that it can be operated safely in places where a power failure can occur. In the event of a shorter power failure, it automatically connects to the WiFi network, after a longer power failure it may have to be connected to the WiFi network again.

A 5V-9V DC power supply is required for the operation. The irrigation valve is supplied with a 2-meter USB cable, the 5V direct current from a 1A telephone power supply (not included) or a 5V DC battery or power bank (not included in the scope of delivery) can deliver.

It can be connected to the tap with a standard 1-inch socket or, if necessary, with a 3/4-inch reducer ring (accessories). The lower outlet also has a 1-inch outer connection so that sprinkler pipes can be connected or a hose can be connected to the standard 1/2-inch quick connection.

Technical data:

Model: BQ-05

Wi-Fi type: IEEE 802.11 B/g/n 2.4GHz

Security protocol: WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

Input voltage: DC 5V-9V min. 1a, 2m cable supplied

Dirt filter: included in the scope of delivery

Water input: 1 inch connection or 3/4 inch reducing pieces

Water output: 1 external connection, or standard 1/2 inch quick connection

Closed condition in the event of a power failure - the operation is also secure when the power fails.

Water temperature: 1˚c - 50 ˚c

Water pressure: 0.5-8 bar

Estimated flow quantity:

At 1 bar water pressure: 10 liters / min

At 5 bar water pressure: 20 liters / min.

Further information:


Brand newimmediately availableWith Tasmota firmware

Firmware languages:

Tasmota German

Tasmota EnglishTasmota Individual Language (Send US A Message)Ewelink (original)
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