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Lever Clamp Connecting Clamp Cable Orange 415 5 Ladder 10-100 Pieces

Lever Clamp Connecting Clamp Cable Orange 415 5 Ladder 10-100 Pieces

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Lever clamp 5 ladder

The lever terminals are an indispensable tool for electrical installation work and offer a reliable solution for connecting lines.

These connecting terminals have been specially developed in order to connect cables safely and easily in electrical installation doses, lighting technology, distributor cabinets and other electrical applications. They enable quick and safe installation without extensive soldering or twisting the cables.

The set consists of high -quality connecting terminals that are equipped with a practical lever mechanism. This lever enables easy and tool -free connecting the lines, which saves time and effort. The cables are simply inserted into the clamp and the lever is closed to establish a secure connection.

Thanks to their robust construction and high -quality materials, these connecting terminals offer a reliable and permanent connection. They are resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations, which makes them ideal for use in different electrical environments.


Product model: 415

Color of the clamp: orange

Housing color: transparent

Product function: parallel circuit

Connection: up to 5 ladder

Connection of flexible strand cable: 0.08 - 2.5mm²

Connection of hard wire: 0.08 - 4.00mm²

Max. Tension: 450V

Max. Electricity: 32a

Outdoor material: flame retardant

Conductive material: pure copper (silver -plated)

Spring material: 301 steel

Size: 30.0 x 19.0 x 9.8mm

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