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LED Voltmeter Voltage Digital Display 0.28 inch 0V-100V - Various Colors - NEW

LED Voltmeter Voltage Digital Display 0.28 inch 0V-100V - Various Colors - NEW

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Article description:

Mini digital LED voltmeter

This voltmeter is small and compact. It can be easily installed almost everywhere. Disconnected for input voltages of up to 100V DC.

The product has good stability and high measurement accuracy. The accuracy can still be fine -tuned via a potentiometer on the back.

Suitable for the battery monitoring of motor vehicles / electric cars / motorcycles or for measuring the voltage of many other products.

Technical data:

Measuring area with 3 -wire connection: DC 0 - 100V

Power supply for 3-wire connection: DC 4-30V / from approx. 40V can damage.

Measuring area with 2 -wire connection: DC 4 - 30V

Power supply for 2-wire connection: no power supply required.

Update rate: approx. 100 ms once

Measurement accuracy: ± 1%> 10 V error ± 0.1 V <10 V ± 0.03 V

Fine adjustment: potentiometer screw

Input resistance:> 50 k Ω

Working current: <30MA

Specification: three -digit digital tubes with 0.28 inch LED

Line length: Standard 20cm

Dimensions: 30 x 11.5 x 9 mm

Hole size: distance: 26 mm aperture: 2.4 mm

Net weight: 4G

Operating temperature: -10 ° C - 80 ° C

Job moisture: 10 - 80%

Working pressure: 80 - 106 kpa

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