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Panasonic Alkaline Power AG10 LR1130 LR54 3V Button Cell 11,6mm x 3,1mm Blister

Panasonic Alkaline Power AG10 LR1130 LR54 3V Button Cell 11,6mm x 3,1mm Blister

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Article description:

Panasonic 1.5 volt alkaline button cell

The small alkaline button cells are ideal for the following product groups: watches, calculators, cameras, computers, body sensors, house controls, remote controls, etc.

The Alkaline button cells from Panasonic offer more power with a 1.5 V output voltage.

The batteries offer reliable performance even in a wide temperature range from -30 ° C to 60 ° C

These batteries can be stored unused for up to 3 years.

Panasonic alkaline button cells contain 0 % mercury additives and are therefore ecologically advantageous.

Special sealing technology ensures a low self -discharge rate and high battery power, especially after storage.

The reaction substances in alkaline batteries are more stable than those of other batteries. To ensure a longer service life, Panasonic tests its alkaline batteries over a longer period of time on a wide variety of conditions.

New child -proof packaging

Safety tips for storing alkaline batteries:

All batteries should be stored in a closed container in a high closet.

Keep the products out of reach if the battery compartment is not secured.

Bring "empty" batteries out of reach and recycle safely.

Technical data:

Manufacturer: Panasonic

Article: LR1130 (AG10)

Tension: 1.5V

Ampers hours: 65mah

Battery type: alkaline

Packaging: blister

Diameter: 11.6mm

Thickness: 3.1mm

Minimum preservation date: 03/2024

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