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Smart Smoke Detector - 433MHZ - RF - Radio for Sonoff RF Bridge

Smart Smoke Detector - 433MHZ - RF - Radio for Sonoff RF Bridge

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Article description:

433MHz radio RF smoke alarm

The SmartWise/C50W is a radio smoke detector. This can be coupled with the Sonoff RF2 Bridge. Recognizes the smoke development reliably according to the infrared scattering principle and immediately sends an alarm notification to the Bridge.

When the smoke reaches the predetermined value, the control light flashes quickly and gives a green lighting request, and the smoke alarm sounds with a volume of approx. 110 decibels.

Ideal protection for houses, apartments, offices, laboratory, hotel room, garages, etc.

A 433MHz bridge is required to use the smoke detector.

The matching Sonoff RF2 Bridge is available in the shop as a Tasmota version. This means that your data is also completely protected by the bridge.

Tasmota - cloud -free, fast & safe

Technical data:

Model: SmartWise / C50W

Volume: 85dB

Wireless frequency: 433.92MHz

Visual 360 ° alarm lamp

Recording angle: 360 degrees, no dead angle

Battery: 9V 6F22 battery (not included)

Supports 3 alarms:

1. 3-second alarm, sensitive reaction, according to the infrared scattering principle

2. sound and light alarm when the smoke reaches the given value

3. Wireless 433MHz transmission to the recipient

Size: 110 x 100 x 40 mm

Weight: 128g

Further information:


Brand newimmediately availableincluding 2 screws and dowels
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