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SONOFF TX-T2 1/2/3 Channel 433MHz Remote TX/RF/RFR3/Slampher/iFan/4CHPro/Bridge

SONOFF TX-T2 1/2/3 Channel 433MHz Remote TX/RF/RFR3/Slampher/iFan/4CHPro/Bridge

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Article description:

433MHz Funk RF remote control switch

The 433MHz 86 type wall panel radio remote control station can control all sonoff products with 433MHz RF function.

Depending on the variant, the Sonoff switch has 1-3 channels and is characterized by a modern design and wireless operation. The possibility of remote control increases the comfort of use.

The simple design of the switch fits into every modern interior. The glass pane is scratch -resistant and the keys shine blue so that they are easier to find at night. The brightness of the keys changes depending on the amount of light in the room.

You can glue this switch to your 86 flush socket, on the wall, in the stairwell, bed or door opening or screw.

Suitable for wall switches of the TX series with 433MHz, slampher, Sonoff RF, Sonoff 4CH Pro R2/R3, ifan03/04, RF Bridge, uva.

Technical data:

Model: 433MHz RF Remote Controller

Manufacturer no.: M0802030009, M0802030010, M0802030011

Depending on the model: 1ch / 2ch / 3ch

Color white

Suitable for: RF/RFR3/Slampher/IFAN03/IFAN4/4CHPROR2/R3/TX Series/433 RF Bridge

Frequency: 433.92MHz

Range: up to 50m (open space)

Size remote control: 86x86x9mm

Power supply: 6V (2x CR2032 not included)

Material: PC + hardened glass

Further information:


Brand newimmediately availableincluding screws and 3m adhesive pads

Model variants:

Txt2eu1c-rf / 1 channelTxt2eu2c-rf / 2 channelTxt2eu3c-RF / 3 channel
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